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A good advertisement catches the eyes of the consumer. The music, tone and pitches are all factors in determining the style of an advertisement. The goal of the commercial is to capture the attention of a consumer in the first three to ten seconds of that 30-second clip. A television commercial advertisement is a span of television programing produced and paid by any organization. It conveys a message typically marketed by a product or service. A span of commercials with a consistent theme can have a huge impact on the viewers. For example, the two guys that sit in the car for the Sonic commercials are very well known because they have been the face of Sonic for many years.

These commercials grab the attention of the viewers because they recognize the two guys and relate them to the Sonic company. Every Sonic commercial is at least 30 seconds long and is effective in many ways. Sonic has branded their logo and the description of the advertised food product at the end of the commercial. As soon as viewers see the two guys sitting in the car talking about food, they immediately recognize what the commercial is about and which company it is.

“Room for the Cowboys to Roam”

A good feature story grabs the attention of the reader. There are many factors to writing a good feature story. First, the title of the story has to spark an interest within the reader. When the reader is skimming through the paper or magazine, the story must capture their attention to your article. The first sentence of the feature is one of the most important aspects of the article. The reader has begun reading the article already, so give them a good reason to finish it. Next, the body of the article needs to keep the reader interested enough to want to finish reading the feature. The feature story has to be perfect in so many ways.

A good feature story that I came across was about the Oklahoma State University Athletic Center. The title of the story was called “Room for the Cowboys to Roam.” When I saw the title, I was drawn to reading it because I’m a huge sports fan and it’s about the athletics at my college. The story quickly tells how the basketball court is connected to the football stadium to allow more space for other athletic programs to partake in the action.

I really enjoyed this piece because the focus is about sports and how the athletic department found the best way to fit the university’s needs. The only problem I had about the story is that it had too many quotes. Quotes can be useful and interesting in a story, but after reading for a while I started to skim over the quotes. The title was well written and the first sentence drew me into reading the rest of the article. The recreation management wrote this piece knowing that students and sports fans would be interested in learning more about OSU’s athletic department.

NASA goes to space

A press kit, or media kit, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials that a person, company, or organization distributed to members of the media for promotional use. A press kit is often used to help reporters and editors understand what current news or future plans are happening for the company.

The Los Angeles Times press kit contains a great website to show the paper’s effect on other firms. For instance, the LA Times puts press kits from other companies on their website so the viewers can see them. On the LA Times, I came across the NASA International Space Station Expedition 18 press kit.

The expedition 18 press kit is a document discussing the station’s new travels of exploring the Russian and Japanese research towards astronauts. The mission talks about three astronauts flying to Kazakhstan to replace two other astronauts that have been in space for six months. The NASA media kit is very organized for viewers to research their information in a timely and easy manner. The website has bookmarks on the side of the page for the reader to scroll through quickly and read each section easily. The website shows the milestones of the expedition, crew members, research by different countries, the mission overview and television news coverage information.

The press kit is well organized and written in layman’s terms so that anyone can understand what they are talking about. The press kit has the essential information that a journalist needs when covering a story like this one. The press kit was well presented to the public and to the people at the LA Times. I would definitely use this style of press kit in the future because it is fast, easy and smart.

Cowboy Sports Properties

A press release is a statement prepared and distributed to the press by a public relations firm, government agency, etc. (dictionary.com) In the press release that I am discussing, the writer of the story is from the Oklahoma State athletics. The press release explains that Cowboy Sports Properties, a division of Learfield Sports, extended their radio and promotional contract to the 2016-2017 athletic season.

The press release explains what Cowboy Sports Properties is doing at OSU, why Learfield Sports works with different universities across the nation, and what will be done in years to come.

“These two stations have done an excellent job providing quality programming and game coverage, and we’re certainly pleased to extend our relationship with them moving forward,” said Kip Racy, general manager for Cowboy Sports Properties. Racy oversees every aspect of the Cowboy Radio Network.

I really enjoyed this piece, because I have a connection with Dave Hunziker at the Mike Gundy radio show and Kip Racy with Learfield Sports. This press release caught my eye because I work with Kip for different projects throughout the Stillwater community and OSU. This piece is simple and goes right to the point. The writer of this release did a great job by providing different angles to the story. The release discusses future plans, quotes, statistics and facts about the companies working with OSU. Based on the simplicity of this press release, I would guess that a student writer for the athletics department wrote the release. This release told a lot of information in a short amount of space, something that editors and reporters like to see in press releases.

Blogging in Food

Food has always been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I come from a big Italian family whose food has always been big and wonderful. I like to eat, simple enough. I have worked in the restaurant kitchen since I was 15 years old and have created many menu items. Even from the beginning, I have enjoyed every moment of cooking.

Today I will be talking about the blog website, “Butter Me Up, Brooklyn!,” a food blog describing how to make certain deserts and fast and easy treats. The writing style used in this blog was unusual and I have never seen before. Usually a food website only talks about how to make a certain product. In this blog, the writer mentions his background, the meaning of the food to him, how to make the food and why he made the food. Here’s a sneak peek from the first sentence of the blog.

“I grew up with an apple tree in my backyard and every fall, without a doubt, the branches would hang heavy with fruit. We would harvest more apples then we could eat and several times during the months of September and October my mom would set aside a weekend for making and canning dozens of jars of homemade applesauce.” -Jacques Pepin

I really enjoyed reading this blog because he brings the essence of the food and puts it into his own words. He takes the background of food and makes it a part of his story. After reading this blog, I actually subscribed to it. I plan on reading this blog more often and trying new deserts and exploring new food ideas. I hope to learn a new style of cooking and to really appreciate the background of food.

The Music of Pandora

A website is defined as a set of related web pages that contain context such as text, images, videos and music. A website can be inspirational to people, an avenue to new education and exploration to things across the world. A website is also a great way to promote a business or event. In past years, if a company had a full working website that meant that they were official and business was doing pretty well. Now, any business can get access to a website easily so visitors have to pay attention to details while searching a website.

The website that I use every single day is Pandora. Pandora Media Inc., is an automated music recommendation service. The website plays musical selections similar to song suggestions entered in by the user. Pandora is a great website to have on your phone, computer or entertainment center. Many people know that Pandora is a music station, but many people don’t take the time to research what else Pandora offers. Other than playing music, Pandora does a lot of writing. For example, the website provides lyrics to every song so you can learn and sing with the song. The website also provides background information about the bands and artists.

Pandora Media Inc. does an excellent job in providing quality music and information for listeners to learn about. Pandora uses a simple writing technique, and many people don’t consider using a website as a useful source. Pandora is a popular website, and I predict that it will remain a rising website because of its easy accessibility and great quality music. If you are interested in learning more about Pandora, check out the website and let me know what you think about it.