A good advertisement catches the eyes of the consumer. The music, tone and pitches are all factors in determining the style of an advertisement. The goal of the commercial is to capture the attention of a consumer in the first three to ten seconds of that 30-second clip. A television commercial advertisement is a span of television programing produced and paid by any organization. It conveys a message typically marketed by a product or service. A span of commercials with a consistent theme can have a huge impact on the viewers. For example, the two guys that sit in the car for the Sonic commercials are very well known because they have been the face of Sonic for many years.

These commercials grab the attention of the viewers because they recognize the two guys and relate them to the Sonic company. Every Sonic commercial is at least 30 seconds long and is effective in many ways. Sonic has branded their logo and the description of the advertised food product at the end of the commercial. As soon as viewers see the two guys sitting in the car talking about food, they immediately recognize what the commercial is about and which company it is.


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