“Room for the Cowboys to Roam”

A good feature story grabs the attention of the reader. There are many factors to writing a good feature story. First, the title of the story has to spark an interest within the reader. When the reader is skimming through the paper or magazine, the story must capture their attention to your article. The first sentence of the feature is one of the most important aspects of the article. The reader has begun reading the article already, so give them a good reason to finish it. Next, the body of the article needs to keep the reader interested enough to want to finish reading the feature. The feature story has to be perfect in so many ways.

A good feature story that I came across was about the Oklahoma State University Athletic Center. The title of the story was called “Room for the Cowboys to Roam.” When I saw the title, I was drawn to reading it because I’m a huge sports fan and it’s about the athletics at my college. The story quickly tells how the basketball court is connected to the football stadium to allow more space for other athletic programs to partake in the action.

I really enjoyed this piece because the focus is about sports and how the athletic department found the best way to fit the university’s needs. The only problem I had about the story is that it had too many quotes. Quotes can be useful and interesting in a story, but after reading for a while I started to skim over the quotes. The title was well written and the first sentence drew me into reading the rest of the article. The recreation management wrote this piece knowing that students and sports fans would be interested in learning more about OSU’s athletic department.


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