Cowboy Sports Properties

A press release is a statement prepared and distributed to the press by a public relations firm, government agency, etc. ( In the press release that I am discussing, the writer of the story is from the Oklahoma State athletics. The press release explains that Cowboy Sports Properties, a division of Learfield Sports, extended their radio and promotional contract to the 2016-2017 athletic season.

The press release explains what Cowboy Sports Properties is doing at OSU, why Learfield Sports works with different universities across the nation, and what will be done in years to come.

“These two stations have done an excellent job providing quality programming and game coverage, and we’re certainly pleased to extend our relationship with them moving forward,” said Kip Racy, general manager for Cowboy Sports Properties. Racy oversees every aspect of the Cowboy Radio Network.

I really enjoyed this piece, because I have a connection with Dave Hunziker at the Mike Gundy radio show and Kip Racy with Learfield Sports. This press release caught my eye because I work with Kip for different projects throughout the Stillwater community and OSU. This piece is simple and goes right to the point. The writer of this release did a great job by providing different angles to the story. The release discusses future plans, quotes, statistics and facts about the companies working with OSU. Based on the simplicity of this press release, I would guess that a student writer for the athletics department wrote the release. This release told a lot of information in a short amount of space, something that editors and reporters like to see in press releases.


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