Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming weekend is always a huge deal inside Stillwater, Oklahoma. There are twice the number of people with the celebrations of our team being number 3 in the nation and the top ranked school to host the biggest homecoming in the nation. I work at Rib Crib, and that means that every restraunt in Stillwater is a mad house , on Saturday night after the game we were on a 2 hour wait for three hours. Thats how much people enjoy coming to Stillwater and representing the Cowboys. Homecoming weekend was an exciting time to be a cowboy fan and student. Go Pokes!


The Sick Days

The days are coming were it will be cold every day. Walking to class without a jacket on already caused me to be sick and weak. I have a headache, sore throat, loss of voice, and a slight fever. But that does not stop me from coming to class. I am determined to look pass the sick days and try my hardest to feel better to make better grades.

Computer Graphics

I have been in the computer graphic field since I was a sophomore in high school and I have enjoyed every second of it. Becoming a advertising design artist is my number one passion for a profession. When I create art, I create new opportunities to other people. After I get out of school, I would like to work for a advertising firm in the creative design department. Thats my number one passion.