9/11 is a special moment in our nations history. In the article that I read talks about the five guys that flew flight 11 into one of the World Trade Centre’s on September 11, 2001. The article mentions their names and who they were affiliated with. 9/11 was a terrible moment for everybody, a lot of people may remember what they were doing at that time they found out, but my memory may be very vague. I was in the fifth grade when it all began. I only remember my teachers took all of the students to the gym and made us watch the news on our crappy television for hours on end. Being in fifth grade, i was not sure what was going on, I figured it was a free period. But as time went by the moment of 9/11 grew on me. I think its crazy that it has been 10 years since the attack happened on the United States. the feeling feels like it was yesterday, but I am always sorry for the families that were killed in the attack and they will always be remembered.



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