Who is Derrick Hemelgarn?

I am currently a junior at Oklahoma State University and I am studying in the competitive field of advertising. I started becoming interested in advertising when I attended high school in Arlington, TX. My high school offered a lot of various career courses to get students ready for college or their next step in life in which one of the options that I guided my life into was advertising. I have been working in the advertising design field for about five years and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I love to work with certain types of programs, such as Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, but i also enjoy learning new software that can really give me a challenge. In Electronic Communications I hope to receive that challenge of learning new software and really making a difference. I would like to learn in this class the different types of broadcasting, new design techniques, and cutting and editing movies and music. I expect to receive a challenge from this class and I expect myself to show my teacher my full potential in anything and everything I set my heart to. My name is Derrick Hemmelgarn and I am an advertising major at Oklahoma State University.


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